Backyard Beautification Project

The Ronald McDonald House of Western Michigan strives to provide a ‘home-away-from-home’ for families during tough overwhelming circumstances. To help during these times, RMHWM has revamped the backyard with the help of Herman Miller. More than 100 volunteers from Herman Miller invested their time, talent and treasure into a large-scale backyard beautification project.

This project resulted in a vegetable garden to provide fresh produce and herbs for our family meals and many maintenance opportunities for volunteer groups; a storage shed and pavilion to use as a celebration/program space; a meditation area for our families to relax and reflect; and a bright mural wall designed by Herman Miller’s internationally-known graphic designer, Mamata Volvoikar.

View the photos and videos of this exciting collaboration!

Special Thanks To:

  • Brad Corak Excavating
  • Century A&E
  • Elzinga & Volkers Inc.
  • Herman Miller
  • Lions & Rabbits
  • Lowes
  • Matt Heidloff
  • Owen-Ames-Kimball Co. (OAK)
  • Superior Asphalt
  • Village Green
  • Zeeland Lumber

RMHWM Mural Wall


Photo Gallery