Group Volunteers

Whether you’re with your coworkers, friends, or fellow members of your civic organization, volunteering can be a great team-building experience.

Just like your house, there is always something to be done at our House. Our families take great comfort in coming home to a clean, organized space. Due to COVID-19, our indoor group volunteering has been suspended. However, while weather permits, we are allowing groups to assist with outdoor projects. Although something as simple as cleaning may not sound important to our mission, it is immensely helpful to our Families and the House.


Group volunteer dates are given out on a first come, first serve basis and occur approximately once per month unless otherwise needed. We can accommodate groups of up to 20.


To get started, have your groups main contact fill out the Group Volunteering Request”  and our Volunteer Services Manager will be in contact soon!


For more information please contact our Volunteer Services Manager Kortney Hapner at